Day 1

Arrive at Velskoendraai Farm Stall, in Clanwilliam, by 10:00. Here you can enjoy something to
drink, while a Cederberg Heritage Route Representative briefs you on your trail and you will be
issued with a bag that is suitable for use on the pack donkeys that carry your
luggage for the first day of your trail. Please return the bag at the end of the
hike, unless you choose to purchase it. Afterwards, you will then drive yourselves to
Wupperthal. There, you will be taken on a village tour (not available on Saturdays or Sundays).
You will then enjoy a light lunch. After lunch, you will meet up with your guides for a short walk
(4km, about 2 hours) to Kleinvlei, where you will overnight in a tent at the campsite/at Zimri’s
Homestead based on a Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Packed Lunch basis. Your luggage will be
transported by pack donkeys to Kleinvlei.

Day 2
This morning, after breakfast, you enjoy an escorted hike (about 13km, 6 – 8 hours, Rating 3B)
from Kleinvlei via Grasvlei to Brugraal, involving about 300m uphill, over the mountain and a
gradual 200m downhill to Brugkraal. From Kleinvlei, the route heads off over the mountain, on
informal paths used by the local residents. You will then reach the first waterfall on the Grasvlei
River. You will then walk through the veld, between the jeep track road and the edge of the
Grasvlei River gorge, where you will have views of the two impressive waterfalls on the river, on
your way to Grasvlei. Beyond Grasvlei, (about 2km), the route follows an easy path north through
attractive countryside, to Brugkraal. You will overnight at Cloete’s Homestead on a Dinner, Bed,
Breakfast & Packed Lunch basis.

Day 3
This morning, after breakfast, you continue on the guided trail down to the main village in the area,
the Wupperthal Mission Village (about 12km, 6 – 8hours, Rating 2B) – down the valley of the Grasvlei
River, via the small villages of Grasvlei and Agtersvlei, and then along the Tra Tra River through
Sassakloof to Wupperthal. From Brugkraal to Grasvlei (about 2km), the route follows an easy path
through attractive countryside. Beyond Grasvlei, one walks through the veld without a path for
about 3,5km, until the route joins the gravel road heading for Agtersvlei. If the Grasvlei River is not
running too high the route crosses to the western side of the the river to give a close-up view of the
first of two beautiful waterfalls. It then continues down the western side of the river to the second
waterfall where there is a huge pool with access for swimming. The route then continues through
the veld until it joins the road. If the river is too high to ford safely, the alternative route runs
through the veld, between the road and the cliffs above the river on the eastern side, and then
crosses the river at the concrete road bridge. Along the way, you will make a short detour to a good
viewpoint for the first waterfall. After crossing the bridge the alternative route makes a short detour
back up the river to the second waterfall before returning to join the road at the bridge. The route
then follows the jeeptrack for about 2km to a point beyond Agtersvlei where it leaves the road and
goes through the veld to ford the Tra Tra River and join the path through to Wupperthal. You will
then drive yourselves back to Veldskoendraai Farm Stall, where you will return the bags that were
issused to you on the first day. Then depart for home